Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Survival of the fittest

Thinking outside the box. Gangsta rappers give an alternative explanation of crime (and teenage pregnancy): crime as evolutionary behaviour.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cambridge Space-Time

This time not just a comic about PhD life, but some work by my always creative housemate Gillean Denny. Gill is also studying for a Phd, not in Criminology, but in Architecture, and currently writing up and I wanted to share her project for today with you!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Amy Nivette publishes yet another paper!

Amy has published a paper in the most recent number of the British Journal of Criminology, titled Violence in non-state societies

The abstract: "Anthropological sources on non-state, tribal societies offer a wealth of evidence on violence that can expand the spatial and temporal gaze of criminological research. Reviewing this literature allows for a more comparative analysis of patterns of violence and challenges contemporary notions of social change and order. This paper provides an overview of the most relevant anthropological evidence on patterns of violence in non-state societies. Specifically, trends and overall levels of violence, age and sex patterns as well as social and environmental factors are reviewed in order to determine whether contemporary concepts and patterns of violence are universal or culturally specific. The findings presented here indicate that violence in non-state societies is a ubiquitous but culturally varying phenomenon used by males and may be related to interdependent social organizations and networks of exchange."

Congratulations Amy!

Jobs: assistant professor Leiden University

Interested in spreading your wings?

The Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology of Leiden University is looking for:
a) an assistant professor (UD)
and something for the future:
b) an associate professor (UHD)
Please click the link to view these vacancies.

It seems like the vacancies are currently only in Dutch, but they should be in English. Summarising, it's an assistant professor job at Leiden University, they want you to teach to undergraduate and master students and do your own research.
Also, they want you to speak and write English fluently!

If you're interested and need more translation, let me know!