Friday, 26 March 2010

Stockholm Criminology Symposium: June 2010

The 2010 Stockholm Criminology Symposium will take place June 14-16 at City Conference Center (Norra Latin) in Stockholm. It is an annual event featuring over 500 attendees from close to 40 countries.
The Symposium is organized by the Swedish National Council of Crime Prevention on behalf of the Swedish Government.

Focus on PolicingOne of the two themes for 2010 is Improving Policing and will feature a broad selection of innovative approaches and police methods, as well as research findings from different parts of the world.

It has also become a tradition that the Stockholm Criminology Symposium presents a large number of panels under the theme Contemporary Criminology. This theme covers a broad range of areas of criminology and crime policy and provides an updated overview of the current state of the knowledge.

For more information, go to the website for the symposium.

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