Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Call for Papers: Psychology of Violence

Call for Papers
Psychology of Violence
Special Issue: Theories of Violence

Psychology of Violence, a new journal published by the American Psychological Association, is planning a special issue on theories of violence for 2011.

Topics will include but are not limited to:
♦ New theoretical models
♦ Extensions of existing models either to violence for the first time or to new forms of violence
♦ Evaluations and critiques of existing theoretical models for a particular type of violence
♦ Papers that compare and contrast theoretical models for more than one form of violence
♦ Comparisons of theoretical models which examine how social and cultural factors affect the way violence develops and manifests under different conditions.

Manuscripts that explore theories related to both risk of perpetration and vulnerability to victimization are welcome.

Deadline: First drafts should be submitted by August 15, 2010. Manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission portal at APA: http://www.jbo.com/jbo3/submissions/dsp_jbo.cfm?journal_code=vio

Manuscripts for regular, full-length articles are also being accepted. Psychology of Violence publishes articles on all types of violence and victimization, including but not limited to: sexual violence, youth violence, child maltreatment, bullying, children’s exposure to violence, intimate partner violence, suicide, homicide, workplace violence, international violence and prevention efforts. Manuscripts addressing under-served or disenfranchised groups are particularly welcome.

Inquiries regarding topic or scope for the special issue or for other manuscripts can be sent to Sherry Hamby, editor, at sherry.hamby@sewanee.edu.

Sherry Hamby, Ph.D.
Incoming editor, Psychology of Violence
Submit at http://www.jbo.com/jbo3/submissions/dsp_jbo.cfm?journal_code=vio

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