Wednesday, 11 August 2010

GRADschool: building your skills as a PhD student

GRADschool September 2010
Following the enormous success of the April GRADschool we are delighted to announce that the next GRADschool will be taking place from 24th - 26th September 2010 at Wyboston Lakes.
If you are interesting in finding out about previous GRADschools please visit the GRADschool Website:

We are currently taking bookings for the GRADschool and if you are interested please visit our GRADschool website and register you interest using the on-line application form. We will then contact you at later date to provide you with further information.
We will unfortunately not be able to confirm your place until nearer the time, but if you are interested in attending please ensure that you reserve time in you calendar to attend this event.
The grad school offers intensive training in:
  1. research skills and techniques
  2. research environment
  3. research management
  4. personal effectiveness
  5. communication skills
  6. networking and team working
  7. career management

The Cambridge Local GRADschool course uses case studies, outdoor activities, interview practice, team sessions and personal review to help you realise your strengths and abilities as an individual and as a team member that will be immediately relevant to the successful completion of your PhD and in the longer term with the application of your talents.

The course is residential and you are expected to stay on the course site for the whole time and not return home or to your normal place of work. This enables you to focus on the course fully and reflect on your work objectively.

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