Monday, 7 February 2011

Criminology Students Daniel Marshall and Baillie Aaron win Entrepreneurs prize!

Daniel Marshall and Baillie Aaron, Ph.D. respectively MPhil student at the Institute of Criminology have won an award for the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) 1k challenge for their proposal for RISE, a mentoring scheme for institutionalized youn people in the UK RISE’s mission is to provide court-involved young people with opportunities for role modelling, inspiration, success, and enrichment through its coaching program. Studies have consistently shown that at-risk young people benefit tremendously from ongoing mentorship relationships. The RISE program is based on empirically-tested best practices and provides adult coaches for youth in custody, commencing during their sentence and extending through to their community re-entry. RISE’s annual operational cost is £123,000, relative to the £160,000 per annum cost of keeping one youth in a secure training centre. With recidivism rates of approximately 75%, RISE is expected to produce significant fiscal savings and social impact.”


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