Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Call for papers: Hate Studies Conference, Spokane

Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate
Second International Conference on Hate Studies
April 6 - 9, 2011

The Second International Conference on Hate Studies builds upon the successful 2004 initial conference, also held at Gonzaga University. It will convene leading academics from around the world, journalists, law enforcement personnel, educators, representatives of governmental and
non-governmental organizations, human rights experts, community organizers, activists and others to discuss hatred and how to improve the academic study thereof. The lessons learned and plans which emerge will help educators, researchers, advocates and others better analyze and combat hatred in its various manifestations.

Hate studies is defined as "Inquiries into the human capacity to define, and then dehumanize or demonize, an 'other,' and the processes which inform and give expression to, or can curtail or combat, that capacity."

If hate is understood better, then approaches to combat it can increasingly become testable theories, and then analyzed and improved. The result can have real-world impact, including creating models for changes in society, government, culture and our individual and communal lives.

The theme of this conference is Interdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding the Nature of Hate, Crafting Models for Combating Hatred, and Implications for Practice. Papers analyzing this theme from different theoretical or disciplinary lenses are invited such as those from history, communications, psychology, social psychology, evolutionary psychology, anthropology, sociology, criminal justice, law, biology, business, economics, theology, religious studies, political science, literature, philosophy, education, and more.

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