Friday, 18 December 2009

Useful article for submitting to journals

Thanks to Amy for pointing this out to us:

Vaughn, M.S., Carmen, R.V.D., Perfecto, M. & Charand, K.X. (2004) Journals in criminal justice and criminology: An updated and expanded guide for authors. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 15 (1), p.61.

Abstract: This article provides an annotated list of 326 journals in criminal justice and criminology. After consulting the “notes for contributors” sections of each journal, the authors mailed a self-administered survey to all journal editors soliciting their input on their editorial policies. Journal websites were also consulted to construct the journals' mission, scope, and editorial focus. A total of 221 editors returned the survey for a return rate of 68%. The following entries present an annotation that summarizes the mission, philosophy, and editorial policies of each journal. Following the annotations, the chart documents contact information for the editors and editorial policies concerning submissions to each journal.

Basically, the article includes loads of journals outside criminology that are still relevant - covering sociology, psychology, methodology, anthropology, gender studies, practitioner-related studies, drugs, law, etc etc. At the end is a massive table that describes the styles used by each, editorial policies, acceptance rates, how to submit and whether or not there are fees. It is a little outdated, but still pretty useful.

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